The subway in new York turned into a Museum David Bowie (photos)

The subway in new York turned into a Museum David Bowie (photos)

The image of the musician adorns the subway in Manhattan and new transport card.

David Bowie subway station exhibit features art, images and MetroCards inspired by the icon via @amNewYork

— Rita Smith (@Ritarocks7) April 18, 2018

At the station of the new York subway at Broadway/Lafayette appeared installation dedicated to the famous British musician David Bowie, who died in January 2016.

This place was chosen near this station Bowie lived many years, and here passed his last days.

Subway station in Manhattan at the time turned to the Museum of the musician everywhere you can find his images and advertising posters inviting visitors to the Brooklyn Museum, where takes place the exhibition David Bowie Is.

Follow the link for details and lots of pictures of the Bowie-themed takeover of Broadway-Lafayette station in New York, not to mention the set of five official Bowie MetroCards produced by Spotify, available at Broadway-Lafayette and Bleeker St stations.

— David Bowie Official (@DavidBowieReal) on 18 April 2018.

Broadway-Lafayette Subway Station – David Bowie images everywhere! #BowieForever

— DavidBowieGlamour (@DavidBowieGlam) April 18, 2018

On sale and new transport card with a picture of Bowie. They cost 6.5 dollars and charged at least two trips.

There’s a David Bowie takeover subway at the Broadway-Lafayette station, including metrocards.

— Complex Music (@ComplexMusic) 17 APR 2018

Why I love NYC Part…Thanks to @Spotify, the Broadway-Lafayette station has been transformed into a moving tribute to @davidbowie, who lived just a few blocks away from the station. The Bowie exhibit is up now @brooklynmuseum. Priceless!

— Earl Douglas (@edouglas528) 18 APR 2018