The CIA reached out to Pyongyang

The CIA reached out to Pyongyang

Mike Pompeo held a secret meeting with Kim Jong-UN.

Likely future Secretary of state Mike Pompeo, from January 2017 head of the CIA, met last week with the head of DPRK Kim Jong Inom. This fact was confirmed in his Twitter the President of the United States Donald trump. According to him, the two sides “have established a good relationship”, which would lead to the denuclearization of the DPRK. A plan for the liberation of the Korean Peninsula of nuclear weapons, now under discussion with Washington, Tokyo and Seoul, will last until 2020. Simultaneously it became known that at the upcoming inter-Korean summit held on 27 April in North and South Korea could conclude a full peace Treaty.

“Mike Pompeo met with Kim Jong-UN last week, — said the President of the United States.— The meeting went very smoothly and they were able to establish a good relationship. Now working on the details of the summit. Denuclearization will be good for the world, but also for North Korea.”

Thus, Mr. Pompeo, from January 2017 head of the CIA, and in March of this year put forward by the head of the White house for the position of Secretary, became the highest-ranking American ever to meet with the current head of the DPRK.

Its task, as confirmed by Donald trump, was to prepare the ground for a possible meeting between the two leaders, scheduled for late may. Mr. Pompeo is awaiting a vote in the U.S. Congress for his candidacy on the main foreign policy position, but the lack of this status was likely to help than to hinder. Between the DPRK and the USA have established a communication channel between special services, and not between the foreign ministries of the two countries.

Almost simultaneously with this news the adviser of the President of South Korea’s security Jung Yong Yy announced that one of the agenda items in the negotiations between the North and the South of the Korean Peninsula on April 27 will be the conclusion of a peace Treaty. Recall that at the end of the Korean war of 1950-1953 between the parties was signed only a truce, that is, formally they are in a state of war. However, the official added that “the issue cannot be solved between the two Koreas, required close consultation with representatives of other involved countries.”

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Most important in this case is the U.S. position, but the President, Donald trump has dispelled all doubts, saying: “they (South Koreans.— “B”) have my blessing to discuss ending the war.” He said this yesterday at a meeting with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who came to Washington to discuss us trade tariffs and a strategy of relations with the DPRK. “I would like to commend the bravery of the Donald (trump.— “B”), agreed to hold a meeting with the leader of North Korea,” he praised US President Prime Minister of Japan.

The Japanese Agency Kyodo also reported yesterday that the head of the United States, Japan and South Korea to discuss a joint plan for the denuclearization of North Korea until 2020.

For Kim Jong UN this is good news, because the plan for the denuclearization of the two years suggests that at least at this time, the country will not be attacked by the US.

However, all the fears that such an attack is now possible, gradually come to naught. The rhetoric of the White house against the DPRK in recent years has become unusually friendly. “I really believe that now we have enough goodwill (for a meeting.— “Kommersant”), — said Donald trump in talks with Mr Abe.— They respect us, we respect them.” Recall that just a few months ago, the U.S. President called Kim Jong UN a “man-rocket”, threatened “fire and fury”, and the very North Korea called “the tragic, barbaric experiment”. It is noteworthy that media of the DPRK, too, has sharply toned down his rhetoric against the United States.

The main party newspaper “Rodong Sinmun” refrains from criticism of Washington since at least March 31. Prior to that, the US has been awarded epithets “merchants of war”, “the worst state in the world” and “raging clowns”.

According to Professor of the University of Kunmin (South Korea) Andrei Lankov, Donald trump can rightfully claim as an asset change in the behavior of the DPRK in recent months. “The representatives of the DPRK always said proudly that their country survives in the trade blockade, but only in recent years, the blockade became real, — said “Kommersant” the expert.— According to various estimates, after a few months, North Korea’s economy may begin to experience serious difficulties. Kim Jong-UN wants to protect themselves from a possible American military strike and to reduce the economic pressure on the country to complete the reforms.”

According to the expert, during the meeting with the heads of South Korea and the United States the leader of North Korea may go to significant steps in limiting its nuclear program. “Almost sure to be confirmed a moratorium on further missile and nuclear tests possible additional measures to limit production and research in this area, — said the expert.— It is quite easy to verify that even bench testing of rocket engines are tracked. The DPRK may also shut down a nuclear reactor at Yongbyon, as has been repeatedly”. According to Mr. Lankov, the news that the denuclearization of the plan will last until 2020, should be very pleased Kim Jong UN: during this time in U.S. domestic politics can occur a big change, and the DPRK will get a welcome respite.

Michael Korotkov