Named the poorest region of Russia

Named the poorest region of Russia

Among Russian regions, the leading position in terms of poverty among the population is steadily occupied by the Republic of Tuva, where almost every second person is below the poverty line. About it in interview to “” said the head of the laboratory of the Institute of social analysis and forecasting (INCAP) Ranepa Elena Grishina.

“Traditionally, it is the Republic of Tyva. There are income of nearly half the population are below the regional subsistence minimum. Also poor territories include the Altai Republic, some regions of the Caucasus”, — said Grishin.

According to Rosstat, in 2016 there were 19.6 million poor. Thus, 42.1% of the population of Tuva had an income below the subsistence minimum. Followed by Ingushetia with 32 percent and Kalmykia from 31.2 percent. In the Altai Republic, Kabardino-Balkaria, Karachay-Cherkessia and the Jewish Autonomous region was poor every fourth inhabitant. The data for 2017 yet.

According to the results held in may 2017 poll, every tenth Russian does not have enough money even for food. Another third of respondents said that can not afford new clothes.

In January, the state Duma rejected the bill of fraction of the Communist party on assistance to citizens who are below the poverty line. The Communists offered due to Federal budget each month to transfer to the account of the poor money to buy food, medicine, health care products, as well as for payment of goods and services listed by the government.

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