What is known about the attack on schoolchildren in Bashkortostan

What is known about the attack on schoolchildren in Bashkortostan

As a result of incident four persons suffered, they were taken to the hospital.

In the city Sterlitamak in Bashkortostan, the student remedial class with a knife attacked schoolchildren, set fire to the office computer and tried to commit suicide.

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What happened

April 18, the pupil of school № 1 of Sterlitamak city went to study computer science, where his classmates. He with a knife stabbed one of the students and the teacher. Fearing, another girl jumped out of a second floor window. The teenager poured a flammable substance and set fire to the class.

After the assailant tried to commit suicide. His three victims were hospitalized. All the status is estimated as average weight. The teacher is in intensive care.

What is known about the assailant

The attack was made by 17-year-old student remedial classes in secondary school № 1 of Sterlitamak. According to Regardie, he used an x-ACTO knife.

On his page in social network “Vkontakte” posted pictures and videos on the topic of killing and hating. The data portion of the teenager was removed on April 16.

Directly before the attack he posted a video on the massacre at the school “Columbine” in the United States.

The teenager was not on the preventive account in the police.

As protected school

The school is guarded by a private enterprise “bars”. At the time of the attack on the post was one guard chop and porter.

Institution is equipped with alarm button.

In February 2018, the school held a health check of technical means of protection and functioning of the chop. No violations were found.

How goes the investigation

The message about the fire entered the remote Manager in 06:53 GMT (8:53 local time) 07:06 the fire was extinguished.

The alarm arrived two crews of private security. The campus is on lockdown, classes are discontinued.

The head of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov has left the scene.

Created it is investigatory-operative group of investigators SU TFR and the police. The documents seized related to preventive work and job descriptions.

Psychologists assist victims and witnesses of the incident to the students.

Russia’s investigative Committee opened two criminal proceedings on the fact of emergency: relation to student and negligence committed by officials of the prevention of juvenile delinquency.