The engine of a passenger plane exploded in the air, one person was killed

The engine of a passenger plane exploded in the air, one person was killed

In USA one person was killed and seven more were injured, after one of the engines of a passenger plane caught fire and exploded in the air.

The deceased was the woman who was sucked into the broken fragments of the engine window. Passengers were able to hold her and bring her back in the chair. She was injured and after landing were hospitalized, but doctors were unable to save her.

This is the first incident of death of a passenger on Board an American passenger plane in 2009.

The incident occurred on Tuesday morning. Flight 1380 Southwest Airlines was forced to make an emergency landing in Philadelphia, as in the incident damaged the wing, the fuselage and the window of the plane.

The Boeing 737-700 was flying from new York to Dallas. On Board were 143 passengers and five crew members.

On made managers record conversations in the cockpit can hear one of the pilots says:

We have a hole, and someone in it took off.

According to eyewitnesses, after the explosion, one of the women is partly sucked into the broken window, but other passengers managed to drag her back.

Emergency landing in Philadelphia was successful. National Bureau of transportation safety (NTSB) then reported one dead.

If this ends up being the opening scene to Final Destination 13, I’m going to be really salty. #Flight1380

— Matt Tranchin (@mtranchin) 17 APR 2018

According to the newspaper Philadelphia Inquirer, dead name is Jennifer Riordan, she was Vice President of branch banking for Wells Fargo in Albuquerque (new Mexico). The deceased, according to the newspaper, had two children.

Federal Agency of civil aviation started an investigation of the incident.