In Yerevan, the police arrested 66 protesters

In Yerevan, the police arrested 66 protesters

YEREVAN, 18 Jul — RIA Novosti. Police arrested on Wednesday 66 people who blocked streets in the capital of Armenia in the course of protests against the elected Prime Minister of ex-President Serzh Sargsyan, told RIA Novosti the head of Analytics, information and media relations of police Edgar janoian.


“In a police Department on Wednesday was delivered of 66 citizens,” said janoian.

The leader of the protest, MP Nikol Pashinyan urged the police to release his detained supporters. “We urge the police to release our supporters. We salute their resilience and courage,” said Pashinyan during the procession.

He also called for the release of two detainees in the case of penetration to the building of the Public radio April 14.

Shares against the election of the Prime Minister of Armenia former President Sargsyan began April 13. The opposition accuses Sargsyan to ineffective governance and deteriorating economic situation. On Monday protesters tried to break through to the Parliament building, the police pushed them, as a result of clashes injured dozens of people. The next day, the protesters announced the beginning of the “velvet revolution” in Armenia.

Despite the protests, Armenia’s Parliament on Tuesday elected Sarsana as Prime Minister. In this earlier entered into force amendments to the Constitution, according to which Armenia moves to a parliamentary form of government, and the greatest powers will have the head of government.

Earlier, Sargsyan called for the return of the leader of the protests Nikol Pashinian “from the street to the Parliament”.