In Armenia the opposition leader proclaimed the launch of the “velvet revolution”

In Armenia the opposition leader proclaimed the launch of the “velvet revolution”

The Deputy of the Armenian Parliament and the leader of the opposition movement Nikol Pashinyan announced the beginning of the “velvet revolution” and “revolutionary situation”. Now all the security forces tightened to the Parliament building in Yerevan, noted Pashinyan. They discussed the issue of appointing the former President of the country Serzh Sargsyan for the post of Prime Minister. The leader of the opposition urged demonstrators to block government buildings sedentary strikes.


Nikol Pashinyan, an Armenian MP from the party “EFC” and the leader of the opposition protest movement, announced the appearance in the country a revolutionary situation in Armenia, according to him, began the “velvet revolution”.

This statement he backed up the information passing across the Republic blockades of the streets, strikes and other protests.

Pashinyan added that the Armenian authorities pulled all law enforcement agencies to the Parliament building of the country. Now there is a special meeting and discussed the issue of the election of ex-President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan to the post of Prime Minister.

“They’re waiting for us. But we will do more. Now we are organizing a March and paralyze the work of other government buildings. Where we will be able to enter, organize sedentary action,” said the revolutionary. Pashinyan added that the protest demonstrators must be fundamentally non-violent, reports RT.

On Tuesday morning, 17 April, opposition activists began to block government buildings in the Armenian capital, Yerevan. According to eyewitnesses, the protesters blocked the building of the Ministry of foreign Affairs, indiasphere, the state revenue Committee of Armenia and the Prosecutor General. In police stations with protests delivered to 29 people for violating public order.

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In the building of the Armenian Parliament was strengthened mode of security, the approaches to it and all inputs are under the control of the police. Access roads to the parliamentary Palace is blocked with barbed wire and spiral Bruno with sharp blades.

The police require organizers of civil disobedience to stop the meeting and warned about the possibility of “the use of lethal weapons”.

The reason for the protests — discussion in the Armenian Parliament the appointment of Prime Minister the former President of the country Serzh Sargsyan.

Armenian political analyst Hayk Khalatyan broadcast NSN noted that Serzh Sargsyan has broken his promise not to run for the post of Prime Minister.

“The situation right now. Police have warned of the intention to disperse the rally at any time, that the protesters are already operating illegally and the police will not put up with it. So far, however, no clashes there. Police in some parts of the city just trying to unlock the movement, the procession goes on, and if yesterday was only in a few places, today the procession was much larger. Are attempts to block streets, especially those leading to the Parliament building, where today there should pass voting on the candidacy of a new Prime Minister. Actually be a statement of Serzh Sargsyan”, — said the analyst.

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Yesterday, April 16, in the result of clashes between police and demonstrators in downtown Yerevan was hospitalized 46 people, including six police officers. The health Ministry of Armenia has reported that some patients have been discharged after providing them with emergency ambulatory care, the demonstrators were mainly injured legs.

One of the policemen was cut in Vienna, he was operated on. The life of the victim, said in the Republican Ministry of health, is out of danger.

Clashes between police and opposition took place on Baghramyan Avenue. The results of the clashes, the Prosecutor General of Armenia has instituted a criminal case. Police said that such actions violate the law of Armenia “On freedom of Assembly”.

Earlier, the protesters against the appointment of ex-President of the country Serzh Sargsyan, Prime Minister broke into the building of the Public radio of Armenia.

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Nikol Pashinian and his supporters entered the building of the radio station and demanded to bring their live. Subsequently, the protest leader apologized for the attack and explained their actions by the desire to fight an “information blockade.” Police called an attempt to seize the radio station on the offense and threatened to open another criminal case.

The protests began in Yerevan in the evening of 13 April, when he began a round-the-clock protest against a possible Premiership of the former President of the country.