A man in France got third person

A man in France got third person

The first person in the world that twice transplanted face, three months after revolutionary surgery says he feels fine.

The first person transplanted Jerome Amon, last year had to be removed due to signs of rejection that appeared after the use of antibiotics, which he was recovering from a cold.

NewsThan to be treated, when antibiotics will no longer help

For two months the 43-year-old man was left without a face. All this time he was in one of the hospitals of Paris, waiting for donor tissues.

“The first person caught on instantly. This time the same thing,” said the patient reporters.

Jerome Amon suffers from neurofibromatosis of the second type (NF2) is a genetic disease that causes the appearance and growth of tumors on the surface nerves and skin and her. Such tumors disfigured Amon’s face.

The first person he had a transplant in 2010, and the transplant was successful. But in 2015, he contracted a cold and the doctor prescribed him antibiotics. The treatment proved to be incompatible with immunosuppressive therapy which the patient was taking to prevent rejection of the transplanted face.