The head of the MIA of Ukraine presented a plan for the return of Donbass

The head of the MIA of Ukraine presented a plan for the return of Donbass

The Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov presented his plan for the return of Donbass under the control of Kiev.

He believes that the territory should pass under the control of Ukraine gradually. “I don’t think you can just reintegrate the whole territory of the occupied Donbas. The “blue helmets” there is so much to the entire territory”, — he said, “Ukrainian truth”.

According to the Minister, first in the area returned under the control of Ukraine needs to join the peacekeepers. “The border with the occupied territory immediately take control, and blue helmets, and Ukrainian border guards. Inside this returning to Ukraine territory to go Ukrainian authorities of justice and hold elections according to our law,” — said Mr. Avakov. This technique should be repeated in adjacent areas until the entire Donbass will not come under the control of Ukraine.

The head of the MIA of Ukraine believes that the first inhabitants of Donbass will be amazed in the rights. “I think that people from the occupied territories are affected in their rights with respect to elections to the Central government — the Parliament, the President, and so forth. But this is a normal international practice. It was used in all post-conflict zones ranging from postmastectomy Spain and ending with the Balkans,” he said.

Mr. Avakov calls his plan “the Tactics of small steps, which applauded all”. “The Ukrainian government came in, hoisted the Ukrainian flag, they held elections under Ukrainian law, began to work Ukrainian police and other state institutions. Ukrainian society is applauding? Applauds. The Ukrainian people, who were in occupation, had access to all the benefits of a peaceful life… He applauds? Yes. Russia says that it is “achieved” status for the Russian language, has made the elections in this territory, a “them” Smith was elected to the Council, established special economic area… Applauding? Yes. Putin is easy will present their media and society as a great victory,” — said the Minister.

Recall, February 20 Petro Poroshenko has signed the law on the reintegration of Donbass. In addition to a new status beyond the control of Kiev territories (they are called “temporarily occupied”), the document provides for the transfer of the President of Ukraine the right to use the army inside the country without the consent of Parliament. The act also enshrined the “state of war” with Russia.