Prince bully: the scandalous antics of Prince Harry

Prince bully: the scandalous antics of Prince Harry

As Prince Harry embarrassed the Royal family.

Before the wedding of Prince Harry is just over a month. It seems the Royal family can finally relax — the Prince settled down and no longer allow the controversial antics, which have repeatedly drawn the attention of the media. “Газета.Ru” says the brightest episodes of reckless youth, Harry.

Day in rehab

Before reaching the age of majority, Prince Harry had to go to rehab. However, only one day and, rather, to prevent — this was in 2001.

Then the Prince confessed to my father that several times used marijuana.

The first experience occurred when the Prince was 16, he was treated to friends at a party in Hygrove house. Interest in illegal substances, the teenager did not appear, but to calm their own nerves Prince Charles decided to send his son to a rehabilitation center for one day. Then Harry several times was taken to Featherstone Lodge, so that he could learn about the consequences of drug use by people suffering from addiction.

Pool on the strip

In August 2012, Prince Harry went to Las Vegas to exhibit the jewels to the Royal family. After the official part, the Prince has decided not to deny myself the pleasure to get acquainted with the nightlife of the city. The choice was made in favor of the party in the hotel room where the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II stopped while together with your friends.

Pretty exhausting, Prince Harry started playing Billiards naked.

Pictures quickly fell into the hands of journalists and overgrown with rumors. The situation is complicated by the fact that in the hands of the naked heir was not only a cue, but a naked woman. By the way, the culprit the publicity of the events was just the same girl, who along with her friends published photos from the party on his Twitter feed.

Fights with paparazzi

In his youth, Harry was a regular at Nightclubs. The number of women, combined with the inability to stop when the drinking has made Prince darling of the gossip columns — the output of the Nightclubs he was constantly beset by paparazzi in the hope of finding exclusive. At some point, the Prince broke down and decided to deal with one of the journalists. Leaving the club Pangaea,

Harry snatched paparazzi Chris Ankle the camera and smacked his lips.

Then, the media broke the debate whether Harry hit Ankle or just accidentally touched it, having touched with alcohol.

A couple of years later the incident was repeated. This time at the hands of the Prince fell paparazzi Nirach Tanner. The young man is not just “caught” the aristocrat outside the club, so Harry decided to take the opportunity to finally put you in your place. Being in strong alcoholic intoxication, the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II attacked the photographer and tried to lay it on the ground. Tanner was lucky he was faster and more skillful than Harry, so was able to avoid combat and sit down in the car. As a result, the land turned to Harry, who tripped and fell.

Public treason

For several years, Prince Harry dated Chelsea Davy. Of course, his affair was as public as this one — with Meghan Markle. Fueled by media interest in their relationship and the Prince himself. He regularly kissed in public, sweetheart, turning a blind eye to the fact that such strictly forbid the rules of conduct in the Royal family, and even posed with sweetheart in the photos in candid poses.