Mirzayanov could create a similar “Beginner” stuff, says Babich

Mirzayanov could create a similar “Beginner” stuff, says Babich

NIZHNY NOVGOROD, April 17 — RIA Novosti. Soviet chemist, Vil Mirzayanov, who went to USA and wrote a book about Gaza “Newbie”, could create the same toxic substance in U.S. labs, said the presidential envoy in the Volga Federal district, former Chairman of the state Commission on chemical disarmament Mikhail Babich.


“Vil Mirzayanov, who calls himself a developer of “Newbie”, and since 1995 for some unknown merit resides in the USA. If he is the developer of the “Newbie” and for 23 years lived in the United States, why not assume that Mirzayanov and his associates in the USA, in the most modern laboratories, which, incidentally, is not accountable to anyone, except the United States, produced the same toxic substance? This assumption is, but it has the right to life,” said Babich.

“We know that United States anyhow who in their territory are not welcome conditions for comfortable work and life do not create”, he added.

The chemist Vil Mirzayanov, a specialist in the field of chemical weapons, more than 20 years ago emigrated to the US, he is the only expert, who published in his book of formulas of the precursors of chemical warfare agents Novichok. According to Western media, Mirzayanov is probably one of its founders.

British Salisbury on March 4, was poisoned convicted of spying for the UK ex-GRU officer Sergey Skripal and his daughter Julia, which triggered a major international scandal. London claims that the poisoning Skrobala substance A234 involved in the Russian government, Moscow categorically denies it. The Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the Swiss research center, which analyzed samples of the OPCW from the scene of the incident in Salisbury, came to the conclusion that in cases of poisoning Skrobala substance used was BZ, which was in service with the armies of the United States and Britain and are not produced in Russia and the Soviet Union.