“Winter cherry” was burned because of a leak

“Winter cherry” was burned because of a leak

Kommersant became known the conclusions of experts on the causes of the tragedy in Kemerovo.


Specialists of the Research center of expertise fire of the Saint-Petersburg University of state fire service of EMERCOM of Russia during the fire-technical examination determined the cause of the fire in the Kemerovo shopping center “Winter cherry”, which killed 64 people. According to the source, to the tragedy caused a short circuit caused by leakage through the roof of the Mall. Circuit breakers used for protection against short circuits and current overloads causing overheating of wiring and subsequent fire, this time why-that have not worked.

As told a source, according to preliminary data of experts, the fire in TRTS “Winter cherry” on March 25th of this year occurred from-for short circuit in the wiring laid on the 4th floor of the centre, on a children’s play area.

Circuit, experts say, could be caused by leaks through the roof. Snow from the roof is not cleaned, it began to melt, and the water got on the wires that sparked. The first lighted plastic chandelier located above a dry swimming pool with a children’s porolonovye cubes. They, in turn, igniting the burning plastic, kapasi top. The fire could be endemic, but it was quickly fanned ventilation, which at the time of the fire no one turned it off. Alarm on temperature and smoke, but the burning zone not been filled after frost promerzanie water, conducted to the system from the street was blocked.

Alarm sensors are also triggered wasted — notification of a fire alarm in the building was included automatically, but manually, and sitting on the button guard somehow its not activated.

A few minutes sufficed to fill the whole floor with smoke. Just at this time in one of the rooms located on the 4th floor of the cinema ended the session. Coming out of it, people faced a wall of smoke, beyond which there was fire. According to preliminary data, some people decided to break through the smoke, but has not gone beyond the doors of the emergency exit that was blocked. The rest died in the hall. Later in the death of 37 people in the cinema, the TFR was charged with the chief fire link Sergei Genin, who did not believe the eyewitnesses who reported cut off by smoke and fire people.

Source “Kommersant” reported that on the line where there was a short circuit, were installed circuit breakers, which are used to protect against this emergency, however, they for some reason didn’t work.

Recall that initially tested two versions about the cause of the fire, which killed 64 people, including 41 children. According to one of them, it is called the main, the Chairman of the TFR Alexander Bastrykin, including reporting on the results of the investigation to President Vladimir Putin, the incident occurred because of the circuit. The second version, the arson (it was actually sought by the management of the burned center of Hope Sedenak) as suggested in the TFR is likely to put forward to defend the accused in compliance with fire safety requirements.

Official comments on the findings of experts b does not yet have.

Yuri Senators, Nikolai Sergeyev