What can drill all day?

What can drill all day?

Aephi answers popular questions from readers.

Few people like the neighbors that early in the day starting to drill into his apartment. Sometimes the sound of a drill can be posted around the house for a few hours. Often in this situation, the question arises — what repairs should be done so that the drill worked all day long?

Indeed, to hang a shelf or mounted socket, wall drilling all day is not necessary. However, a drill, hammer or screw gun that emit the same unpleasant sounds can be used for a long time when installing drywall and other designs on the walls, ceiling or floor, said Aify the engineer of a large construction and repair of the company Alexey Turlinski.

In addition, prolonged use of the perforator possible during demolition works, for example, when the judge eliminated the wall or old plaster. Also, this tool, according to the expert, can work for several hours when making concrete walls under the wiring.

Alex Turanski says that it really is a long and laborious work.

Do not forget that there are other tools that work very loudly. The neighbors may think that the residents of on top of that drill time in a row, but in fact the source of the noise is tile or building mixer. After laying tile or screed flooring is a fairly lengthy process, so the necessary tools can work for all repairs.