Tariffs, against the wall. Now, what will change in the work of management companies?

Tariffs, against the wall. Now, what will change in the work of management companies?

The management company must disclose all estimates and rates. Answer the phones quickly, with accidents to handle in 30 minutes. Plumbers and electricians are required to go to the apartment in the form of badges, and Shoe covers.

These and other new standards of work of management companies and homeowners, the government approved last week.

“Agriculture is not just complex — it’s massive! In our country, 2.4 million apartment buildings. Annual turnover of housing management in the hundreds of billions of rubles,” — said during the signing of the document, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

Supervising housing and communal services Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak added that in apartment buildings inhabited by 100 million people. And serve them 21 thousand organisations.

Where are your boots, mister mechanic?

“First of all change requirements for the operation of emergency dispatching services, — commented innovations Dmitry Kozak. — This regulation previously existed only in the departmental regulations of the Soviet Union. Now detail the procedure of their work, the obligation to respond to calls and complaints.

Set differential time of elimination of various kinds of accidents — from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Introduced requirements for employees. They should be in the form of badges with organization name, surname”.

The document even registered that came to call plumbers and electricians must have a disposable overshoes.

The second part of the regulation deals with payments for housing and utility rates. Now management companies and homeowners are required to disclose to tenants all financial information.

If “upravljacke” offers a price for the content (it then should be multiplied by the number of square meters of the apartment), she must present all the estimates and calculations for the month prior to the General meeting of owners, which for this reason is held 1 time per year.