In Paris called funny comparison strikes on Syria with the invasion of Iraq

In Paris called funny comparison strikes on Syria with the invasion of Iraq

PARIS, 16 APR — news, Lyudmila, orishenko. The Minister of economy and Finance of France Bruno Le Mer, who previously held the position of state Secretary for European Affairs, sees no Parallels between the US invasion of Iraq in 2003, against whom then was the leadership of France, and the strikes on Syria last Saturday.


“This is a funny comparison. That situation has nothing to do with the current. Then from Iraq, there was no aggression. And this was our argument with Jacques Chirac (President of France 1995-2007 gg —ed.) and Dominique de Villepin (foreign Minister 2002-2004, Prime Minister 2005-2007 – ed.). There is Iraqi aggression, not Iraqi threat: why will you attack the state which of you not in danger? So we fought with Jacques Chirac and Dominique de Villepin against the war. In the current situation is quite different: there is aggression, aggression with the use of chemical weapons against the Syrian people, is aggression against one of the fundamental rights of international law, which prohibits the use of chemical weapons,” he told the radio station Europe 1.

The US, Britain and France on Saturday morning fired missiles on Syrian government facilities that, in their opinion, are used to produce chemical weapons. With 03.42 p.m.-05.10 GMT they were released in Syria, more than 100 rockets, most of which was shot down by Syrian air defense. Russian forces were not involved, but kept track of all the triggers.

Russian President Vladimir Putin called the strikes an act of aggression against a sovereign state, despite the fact that no Russian military experts or local residents did not support a finding of a chemical attack became the pretext for attacks.