“Donald trump criticized President Vladimir Putin, even in private conversations”

“Donald trump criticized President Vladimir Putin, even in private conversations”

The former head of the FBI James Komi told his version of the relations of the President of the United States with the Kremlin.

James Komi told ABC News about the inner workings of US policy in the period when he worked as the head of the American FBI (2013 to 2017). The interview was timed to the release of the memoirs of Mr. Komi “Higher loyalty” in which he talks about the President of the United States Donald trump and his entourage. In the first after the dismissal of the journalists, James Comey, in particular, says that Russia intervened in the American elections, “to Sully American democracy” and “to help Donald Trump to become President.” Before the release of the full version of the interview, Mr. trump criticized his former subordinate, calling him a “bastard”, and a memoir is “a fake.”

The first interview of the former head of the FBI James Komi discussed a few days before the release of the full version. The attention that drew Donald trump, dedicated to Mr. Komi a series of angry Twitter messages. In his post of President of the United States condemned as published interviews and memoirs of Mr. Komi “Higher loyalty: truth, lies and leadership”, describing his activities as head of the FBI and the relationship with the President. The book should be on sale on 17 April, to her door and was timed interview of James Comey to channel ABC News.

In one of the publications Donald trump stated that the memoirs “are personal goals and are fake”, the other called Mr. Komi “the weasel” and “the worst Director of the FBI” in U.S. history.

Recall, Donald trump fired James Comey in may 2017 because of the fact that the head of the FBI “worked badly”. The American media and opponents of Mr. trump in Congress, in turn, said that dismissal is connected with active investigation of the Russian intervention in the US presidential election of 2016. The second cause is called a investigation of the correspondence of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Donald trump, however, both versions deny. Recall that initially, the FBI considered it legitimate that Mrs. Clinton used personal email for business correspondence, but shortly before the elections, the Bureau has changed due to new circumstances in the case, and the investigation resumed.

During the interview, Mr. Komi Republic has again raised the question about the reason for his dismissal.

In his opinion, Mr. trump did this because of the investigation of Moscow’s influence on presidential elections. At the same time the version according to which he was fired “for the wrong approach to the investigation of “post scandal”,” he has called a “sham.”

However, he said that he had resumed the investigation on the post Hillary Clinton, as I was sure that this will not affect the election results, but will give them greater legitimacy. “I worked in a world where Hillary Clinton was supposed to win Donald trump, explained the former head of the FBI.— If I hid all of the American people, she (Hillary Clinton.— “B”) would be in his eyes, illegitimate at the same hour, when the truth would be revealed.”

“Incredibly. James Komi cites polls, according to which the liar Hillary was in the lead, as the reason the investigation was carried out (very stupid) on electronic correspondence with Clinton. In other words, he made decisions based on the fact that, in his opinion, she had to win, and he wanted to get the job done. Bastard!” — responded to the recognition of the Komi Republic Mr. Donald trump.