Coach of the Russian Federation in the fight against Buzova concert in Vladikavkaz

Coach of the Russian Federation in the fight against Buzova concert in Vladikavkaz

Head coach of Russia’s freestyle wrestling and a member of Parliament of North Ossetia, Tedeyev of Jambulat called to cancel the concert of Olga Buzova in Vladikavkaz.

He reports about it on his page in social network Instagram.

According to him, residents of the country concerned about the upcoming concert. Tedeyev said that in solidarity with their fellows and believes that the speech of the host of the program “Dom-2” is unacceptable to the Ossetian land, writes “Sport-Express”.

Good afternoon, dear friends! _ I want to talk about the fact that I daily address to the inhabitants of our country who are concerned about the upcoming concert of Olga Buzova in Vladikavkaz. _ I consider it my duty to give this assessment and to Express their attitude. _ Like many of you, I’m not indifferent to what is happening in North and South Ossetia processes. Indifference spawned most of the problems faced today not only we, but the whole modern world. _ During the election campaign, numerous meetings with the population I was talking about what I’m going to raise issues of concern to us and the meetings of Parliament, and outside its walls. If you follow my work, you know what it says in theory, works in practice. This applies to elektrozink disguised as saunas, brothels, polluted river Ardon, etc. _ Here and now, sharing the righteous indignation of fellow, I absolutely agree with them and consider unacceptable the performance of the newly minted singer, the leading “House-2” on the Ossetian land. What are the values it promotes? In what form is presented to the audience? Any sense of her songs? Even their names speak for themselves. Objectively answering these and other questions, one can hardly find reasons for meeting Buzova with our audience. _ In this connection I will communicate with the organizers of the concert, will give them this info and hope for their understanding.

Publication of Dzambolat Tedeev (@dzambolat_tedeev) APR 14, 2018 at 3:18 am PDT

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