Posner called a disaster the location of trump on the post of the President of the United States

Posner called a disaster the location of trump on the post of the President of the United States

RIGA, 14 Jul — RIA Novosti. Russian journalist and TV host Vladimir Posner said that Donald trump as President is a disaster for US, he does not understand anything in international politics.

Posner believes that the current US President is absolutely not suitable for this position.

“Trump is a disaster for the United States. He does in international politics do not understand. Trump believes that playing a game, type Monopolka or poker, where one puts a “9” and the other “9+2”. The game of escalation with a lack of understanding where this could lead. And Twitter, in which the head of the United States anything published, is not a means of diplomatic communication. The whole world can read and comment. This suggests the unsuitability of this man to be President of any country, especially the President of the United States,” said Posner in an interview to the Latvian radio Baltkom.

The journalist also expressed the hope that the parties can find common ground in Syria, as they are found during the Cuban missile crisis in 1962 the USSR and the USA.

“Then it was about the Third world war. The US demanded that all missiles that are in Cuba, was removed, and marching from the East ships are deployed in the opposite direction. The Soviet Union had two options — either to go to such measures or not. And here we must pay tribute to the wisdom of Kennedy and Khrushchev. They had the state come to a compromise. The Soviet Union did not place their missiles in Cuba and the US removed its from Turkey. This was done quietly, without loud statements, so as not to lose face. The two leaders were able to negotiate and made concessions for the sake of the world,” said Posner.

Earlier, the President of the United States Donald trump promised to make a decision about action against Syria in response to alleged himataku in Syria, which Syrian authorities deny. The Russian foreign Ministry said that the purpose of stuffing about the use of toxic substances of troops to Syria to protect the terrorists and to justify possible military strikes from outside. In the General staff of the armed forces on March 13 reported on the forthcoming militants in Eastern ghouta provocation staged the use of chemical weapons.

The official representative of the defense Ministry major General Igor Konashenkov said Friday at a briefing that the spread in the media and social networks the video of the first aid to “victims” as a result of “chemical attacks” in the Syrian Duma is entirely staged. According to the representative of MO, installed and found the direct participants in the dramatization, which told how he conducted a staged shooting.