Russians dream to defeat old age. But they have no chance

Russians dream to defeat old age. But they have no chance

Worldwide rapidly growing demand for eternal youth. Favorite hobby advanced youth — biohacking. It is believed that the term was invented by the inhabitants of Silicon valley who dream to hack your body and improve essential life-support systems. “” learned how to fight with old age in Russia and how much it costs.

In the fight for youth

Margarita savinovo — slightly over forty. Six months ago, after reading an article about biohackers from Silicon valley, declared a personal war on aging, she also decided to act.

— A few days of collecting information, I contacted the groups involved in the struggle with old age, made a personal plan of work, — says Margarita. — I decided that prolong youth — it’s real. The main thing — not to be lazy.

To start, Margaret, on the advice of an experienced biohacker, took a full (and expensive) examination of the body: blood tests for different hormones, ultrasound, calculation of the ratio of fat and muscle definition in the body amounts of antioxidants, heavy metals, trace elements, etc.

All these parameters are required to determine the real biological age, says Margaret. In the body, there are biomarkers that can talk about the degree of wear of an organ.

Although neither confirm nor deny these results is impossible — Margarita believed the inspectors word for it. As she says, for her, the priority now is to maintain the difference. To do this, she twice a week does walking on the treadmill at the gym once a week is starving. And on the advice of experienced colleagues feeds the body with useful (and expensive) substances. In total in the morning for Breakfast and in the evening she takes a handful of colored pills.

— It’s all absolutely harmless antioxidants, nootropics to stimulate the brain, different supplements, cheerfully lists Margarita. — Only about 20 items. I just looked at what other people use, and made for itself the list.

Besides the usual vitamins in the list of margaritas are a few pharmaceutical drugs: hormones, “improving sleep”, antidepressants, as well as a tool that is commonly prescribed to patients with diabetes. Biohacker sure this medication is a powerful agent (a drug inhibiting age — approx. “Of the”). But as worth a penny, pharmaceutical mafia hides from the public this valuable information.

The word “biohacking” in our country, popularized not long ago.

At the end of last year came the translation of the column of Russian businessman Sergei Fage successfully settled in Silicon valley: “I am 32 years old and I have spent 200 thousand dollars to biohacking”.Newsmedicine of the future: how we will be treated. And most importantly — who

In it, the businessman talks about how the study of performance and body control help him to become healthier and happier. And the goal: to live until at least 120 years.

A large group of fans of anti-aging medicine (anti-aging) appeared in Russia more than ten years ago. The idea is the same biohacker. From supporters of a healthy lifestyle (healthy lifestyle), known since the Soviet times, biohacker differ mainly “advanced” and “scientific approach”. All questions — can I drink coffee, drink alcohol, run in the morning — biohacker usually answer: it is necessary to look on personal biomarkers, because people are different, what is good for one another is contraindicated. All biohacker claim that regularly monitors the PubMed database, which receives all the information about the world of scientific research in medicine.

And if HLS is used to come closer to retirement, the average age of biohackers — a little over 30.

Are young people, usually without medical or even science education, managers, lawyers — in the voice of the chief doctor of the medical-Scientific gerontology center, neurologist and anesthetist Valery Novoselov sense of irony. — They read scientific articles and on their basis draw conclusions about what can be helpful to slow the aging process. And independently assign themselves these substances. But almost all described experiments were carried out on mice and fruit flies, and man of action of these drugs may be others, just the opposite. This has been proven. And, as a rule, in research papers near a positive opinion of a few others. But basically is the conclusion that profitable. Everything else is ignored. And this is called distortion of reality.

However, settlers outraged not by the fact that biohacker “swallowing handfuls of pills”, and those that encourage others to follow their example. And there are convincing.

— Patient comes in, tell him that you have the disease — continues to newcomers. “No,” says, “my ageing”. And most importantly, in recent years it actively commercialized.