Hurricanes “Harvey”, “Irma”, “Maria” and “Nate” will be called differently

Hurricanes “Harvey”, “Irma”, “Maria” and “Nate” will be called differently

The world meteorological organization (WMO) decided to rename known for its destructive hurricanes “Harvey”, “Irma”, “Maria” and “Nate”.


These names will never be assigned to hurricanes in the Caribbean sea, the Gulf of Mexico, North Atlantic and northeastern Pacific. The decision is the rule that the names of particularly devastating hurricanes forever withdrawn from annually changing list of names.

Now, these hurricanes are called “Harold”, “Idalia”, “Margo” and “Nigel”.

“In the Atlantic and northeast Pacific male and female names alternately succeed each other in alphabetical order, and these lists are used every six years”, — reports TASS about the decision of the organization.

The names on the list last year will be used by WMO in 2023.

For the North Atlantic, the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean sea and the North-Eastern Pacific in the WMO has six lists of 21 names on behalf of each. They are called hurricanes serially and alphabetically.

In 2017, both American continents were the strongest hurricanes. From natural disasters the US has suffered a loss of $250 billion, the Most destructive was the hurricane “Harvey”, which claimed the lives of 68 people and caused damage of $125 billion, followed by hurricane “Maria”, held in September last year on the territory Dominica, Puerto Rico and the virgin Islands of the United States: 64 people died in Puerto Rico, 31 — in Dominica.