For what opponents have criticized the strategy of development Kudrin

For what opponents have criticized the strategy of development Kudrin

The head of CSR Alexei Kudrin showed the Kremlin the way to the prosperity of Russia, and publicized the “Strategy-2024” in the form of the April theses. It turned out that the main thing — not to save the people and be able to develop their creative potential. Opponents believe that to realize this idealistic strategy impossible. And investment in human capital in the Russian reality can not become a driver of economic growth.

Center for strategic research, headed by Alexei Kudrin finally announced the strategy of development of Russia until 2024. To begin with, was diagnosed country lives worse than they could. And all because not enough investing “in the main wealth of the country — people.” In their health, education, standard of living, creativity and opportunities for self-realization.

To stimulate creativity as a basis of economic growth, Kudrin offers in seven directions.

And that is not poorer than in Europe

The first one is called: “Important for everyone”.

The strategy can be considered sold if by 2024, “the expected duration of a full life of Russians will grow by five years.” The poverty level in Russia will drop to 10% and will be equal to the most developed countries of Europe, the dream of the authors of the strategy.

“The average pension age by 2024 will be two times above the subsistence level, pensions will rise by no less than a third in real terms,” says Kudrin.

But it offers be required to raise the bar of retirement. For 16 years the retirement age will be 63 for women and 65 years for men.

But if worked for 5 years longer — “get a pension one-third higher.”

Russia like America is a land of opportunities

The second effort is called the “land of opportunity”. Kudrin believes that every citizen should be able to demonstrate social, civic and entrepreneurial initiative, “which will not be punished, and be encouraged”.

By 2024, the number of Russians planning to open a business, should be doubled.

“Business will get rid of the redundant checks from the state due to double reduction in the number of control functions”, — the document says.

According to Kudrin, by 2030 the share of small and medium business should increase twice and create 40% of GDP.

The public sector in the economy will be reduced to 25%. During the first year of operation for new businesses will operate tax breaks. Will be entered a three-year moratorium on any legislative changes that could complicate the business.

Russian scientists, most scientists in the world

The third point of the strategy justifies the holding of a “Technological revolution”. Russia will not have the chance to be among the global leaders, if the economy doesn’t get a new engine, advanced technology. When the Russian economy will meet the challenges of the technological revolution will create new and interesting jobs, and the company will produce the popular and successful products that will be proud of the whole country. Expected results this part of the strategy are as follows: “Russian scientists will be participants in 40% of advanced global studies related to new industrial revolution. Labour productivity will grow by a third.”

But that’s not all. Private Russian companies to become active exporters — revenue 75 largest of them will be 250 billion rubles.

Oil should not undermine GDP

Live by the sale of raw materials is unreliable, you get dependent on price fluctuations. For this reason, Kudrin proposes a focus on the fourth direction is to double exports of non-oil products — from $107 billion to $200 billion in services Exports — from $50.5 billion in 2016 to $70 billion in 2024-m. food Exports should grow by more than 60%. This section of the strategy called “Key positions in the world economy.”

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