“Beautiful Russian legend of the “Freshman” you can forget”

“Beautiful Russian legend of the “Freshman” you can forget”

Chemist Leonid rink — on the findings of the OPCW about the poisoning in Salisbury.


The creators of stuff “Novice” differences in estimates of the report of the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons. On the eve of the OPCW has published the results of the investigation of the incident in Salisbury. The inspectors said that former GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal and his daughter was poisoned by a “incredibly clean” toxic substance without impurities. The name “Newcomer” in the open part of the document does not appear. Vil Mirzayanov, who calls himself one of the founders of this class of substances, in an interview with “Kommersant FM” has previously stated that in the course of a crime you have violated the conditions of application of this poison. However, another participant development — doctor of chemical Sciences and an expert on physical evidence, Leonid rink — I do not agree with Maszynowym. In an interview with radio station he expressed the opinion that was originally used a fundamentally different substance.

— Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons presented a report regarding the poisoning Sergei Skripal and his daughter. In particular, they confirmed that the British police made the right conclusions on the substance, which was poisoned by these people. Earlier, the British authorities said that the substance is classified as “Beginner”. The OPCW experts have noticed that the sample was a kind of high purity. That may mean these figures from the point of view of chemistry, as it affects the properties of the poison? Why, in your opinion, despite various statements of experts about this stuff, these people survived?

— Some time ago in mass media there was information that on the door handles of the house Skripal found substance in the form of a gel, remember? Against this background, looks very strange statement that the substance is absolutely clean: if using the gel, then the main content in this mixture is very gel-forming substance. The substance of which they write is ordinary transparent liquid, movable, no gel, no.

Once this managemento some cleaner, then closed the question of the name “Rookie”. Why? Because “Rookie” is a system application, and applying so many different substances that the content of the basic substance in the best option may be just above 30%, the rest are impurities.

So this beautiful Russian legend can be forgotten. Since this signal has no natural substances, they said that the secret part of it will be misleading only to members of an international organization, to which Russia, incidentally, also applies. Therefore, it is believed that these data can be our experts, so on, I think, I’ll tell what kind of substance was discussed.

The most important as well as the higher figures and laboratory Porton Down, of course, no one could say what has Russia to do with this case. Just substance. Who made why made? I said earlier that Russia is not at all the slightest reason for such action: people absolutely unnecessary, absolutely unnecessary place, it is absolutely unnecessary. Every sovereign military chemical countries, which include Russia, the UK and the us, and France and Germany and so on, there is a set of so-called subversive poisons that work without mistake, which give the desired effect.

But I would like to remind you recent history. The first signal after the events in March: poisoning is fentanyl. What is ventanilla poisoning? In England, for the year killed 2.5 million people from ventanillas addiction. Fentanyl is a class of compounds that have been applied in Russia, Dubrovka, if you remember. This anesthesia prior to immobilization. Then it becomes quite clear that in the area of the bench just spray treated, and they formed — just as went on Dubrovka. And just as in a short time they recovered and left. Notice, no symptoms of phosphorus poisoning no, this speech was not even ever. But they came out exactly the same as should come out of ventanilla poisoning.

In time of war we dealt with the pain very much, and even in the 90-ies I managed the production of one of the strongest narcotic painkillers — morphine. Therefore, all these substances we very carefully studied — the civil and military pharmaceutical industry in the field it was necessary to provide analgesic substances. And I know very well what ventanilla processing — derivatives — for anaesthetization and obezdwijivanie.

Actually, according to the decision made military chemical international Union, one could say: that pleased, we answered. As the question was put, the question was answered. It’s Russia — it is impossible to tell. What fosfororganichyeskii substance somehow suddenly became a pure is absolutely amazing. Pure substance — it is death in its purest form, they would be from this pen is not moved further than 50-100 meters.