Trump explained what caused hostility between USA and Russia

Trump explained what caused hostility between USA and Russia

MOSCOW, 11 APR — RIA Novosti. The US President Donald trump said that hostility in U.S.-Russian relations is largely the result of investigation on the “case of the Russian Federation” in the United States.

In the U.S. Congress are independent of the investigation about the “Russian interference” in the elections of the President of the United States, including hacker attacks and actions in social networks. Similar investigation is also conducted by spectracolor Robert Mueller. The American media regularly reports, citing unnamed sources on the contacts of the members of the electoral headquarters of the trump with Russian officials and businessmen.

Russia has repeatedly denied accusations of trying to influence the elections in different countries, as the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov called them “completely unfounded”.

“In many ways, hostility in relations with Russia caused by fake and corrupt “Russian investigation” that buoyed supporters of the Democrats or people who worked for Obama. Muller is the most controversial of all, not counting the (the first Deputy Prosecutor General of the United States — ed.) of Rosenstein, who signed a decree according to the law on foreign intelligence surveillance and the letter (ex-Director of the FBI — ed.) in Komi Republic). There is no conspiracy, so they go crazy!” — trump wrote on Twitter.

Earlier, trump wrote on Twitter that US relations with Russia “is now worse than ever,” and expressed the idea to “end the arms race”. The American President on his page in the social network also warned that Russia should be ready to shoot down rockets fired by the U.S. on Syria.

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