In postal addresses, in addition to the houses and streets, I want to add a planet

In postal addresses, in addition to the houses and streets, I want to add a planet

Imagine, soon you will be living at the address: street Lenina, house 1, apartment 1, Moscow, Russia, planet Earth. I can’t imagine? Give it a try.

On Earth Day, April 22 MTS in conjunction with National Geographic offered to change the usual address to write to them, not only the street, city and planet. To remember and to care for the Earth not once a year but every day. We already voted to change the usual format of addresses and see what happens.

News editor Mail.Ru Svetlana Ilyichenko a few days to live according to the “new” address and kept a diary. She ordered pizza and a taxi to planet Earth, sent a letter to another continent and met with foreigners.

Typically, the diary does not show anyone, but we will show and tell, whether so it is difficult to change the usual address. Spoiler: no.

The challenge of a pizza will not be the same. Or will be?

9:42. The experiment began with Saturday morning. We hanged in the refrigerator the mouse was hungry and decided to order a pizza. Last night the guy at subway gave a flyer delivery service. You really have to say out loud: “I please have one pizza on planet Earth”. Think that’s crazy.

10:04. Voice Manager in the handset: “On Miusskaya square shipping will be?”. Where do they get all the address of my school? Then the telephone breaks? Watching Big brother?

Me: “No, different address”.
Manager: “Dictate”.
Me: “Sevastopolskiy Prospekt, 69, planet Earth”.

10:11. I was so uncomfortable, and the girl in the tube did not react. Maybe it’s not so bad, but need to build on the success. Will order more pizza at any other pizzeria.

Manager: “Where, geographically, can you tell me?”.
Me: “Sevastopolskiy Prospekt, 69, planet Earth”.
Manager: “Yes, a minute.”

Zero emotion — okay. Apparently, the rest voted for adding to the “planet Earth” and is used to. Wonder I’m nervous.

Catch a cab manually

15:56. Where else can I use address? Taxi. But in the mobile application planet yet you can’t specify have the old-fashioned way to catch a car on the street. So through experimentation I turn on live communication with people.

16:02. Cheers, stopped! Sit in the front seat.

I: “Hello!”.
Driver: “Hello! Where are we going?”.
Me: “Sevastopolskiy Prospekt, 69, planet Earth”.
Driver: “Let’s Go”.

16:05. Again, no reaction! And I, meanwhile, have virtually ceased to worry. As if life call this address. Interestingly, thought the driver. It is clear that he is used to weirder people. It is necessary, but in the window I now see not only the usual Moscow and a small part of my planet… Seems to work. I’m really starting to think about the Earth.

The present paper letter

Taxi I by the way ordered by mail. There I was this afternoon, so let’s fast forward a few hours ago. So…

11:16. Always wanted to send a real paper letter. There is just need to write the address. Will spoil and say hi from Russia the crew of the documentary series “the Unknown Earth” and, separately, will Smith, from which it is removed. Imagine if the answer?

11:50. Wrote in English, for convenience translated:


12:31. Brought in the mail a huge envelope, all sealed brands (so sure!). In the address, of course, wrote the Ground. I hope that those who will deliver the letter, surprised. Sorry, I don’t know.

Learn online

There is no sadder story in the world
Than a story about Dating in the Internet…
(instead of an epigraph)

21:37. With these letters, taxi and pizza I left in the low-tech past, it’s time to go, but it is not like real life. When the Land is officially added to the address bar, the planet probably will need to specify in the delivery address, and in applications call a taxi, but until you do, I’ll do something more contemporary, you will meet someone in social networks.

22:04. Friends my friend found some American. Judging by the photos, he was in Moscow. I’ll try to have a dialogue simply because we live on the same planet.

22:53. Wow! He responded so quickly. Says he has a million questions for me… And no painful thoughts: “How do you tell someone that you want to meet him?”. Just write about the planet, and the dialogue is tied himself. I like to live…

A journalist from Russia — one of those people with whom I would be interested to talk.David Lowe, America

The next few days. I communicate with foreigners. Of course, the answer is not everything, but to start a relationship becomes so easy. The ground is really common.

Not only do we live on planet Earth, but all living in Asia.Jackie Rongs, ChinaVery funny and even charming. And we all breathe air.Stefan Meyer, GermanyDown to Earth

“Sevastopolskiy Prospekt, 69, planet Earth”… at First it seemed that the “new” address cannot be used. But it only took one day to accept his love. And even to use as an intriguing way to get acquainted with foreigners.

In addition, we believe that it is not far off the communication with extraterrestrial civilizations. Take Elon musk plans to colonize Mars. Maybe for our children to send emails and flights to other planets will become commonplace, so in your place, we’d started to get used to a new writing address. What do you say, earthlings?

And to see once again how beautiful and unique our planet you can, watch the new series with will Smith. Write down the address: Home TV MTS, National Geographic channel, planet Earth.

The experiment involved:
Svetlana Ilyichenko — text, illustrations.
Tatiana Malyuk — text.

PS Just Shhh! In the gallery below you can see the top secret photos from the filming of the series. Enjoy!