Runaway cat incredibly happy to see his master (photo)

Runaway cat incredibly happy to see his master (photo)

It’s really very nice.

One-year-old cat named Louis became the star of social media after his owner posted a photo on Twitter.

“Oi hooman! What are you doing so far away from home? I’ll have to get in the car and escort you back so you’re safe!”

— Señor Benjamin (@bjrogerson) April 4, 2018

As it turned out, Louis ran away from home and worried owner went in search of him as soon as he discovered the loss. A few hours later he found the fugitive nearly two kilometers from the house.

The cat peacefully walked down the street, but as soon as he saw his person, his face reflected genuine joy. Without thinking, the cat jumped into master’s car and quietly went home to Breakfast.

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— ? it’s amazing lake (@Blake_D_T) April 5, 2018