In Serbia have removed a monument to Gagarin because of the discontent of the citizens

In Serbia have removed a monument to Gagarin because of the discontent of the citizens

BELGRADE, April 10 — RIA Novosti. The bust is the first in the world cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin in the capital of Serbia, which was installed in early April, has been deleted after the comments of citizens who did not like the artistic execution of the monument, said Tuesday the city Manager Goran Vesic.

The initiative to install the monument to Yuri Gagarin on the streets of one of the most densely populated areas of the city — New Belgrade — belongs to the Foundation “Karic Brothers” and the Slavic Foundation of St. Vladimir the Great of Russia.

A bust of the first man in space was installed without a Grand opening in the first week of April on the Gagarina street in front of building 155. From the first days in the social networks of local residents began to criticize “insulting” the memory of astronaut small bronze head on the top of a massive stone pedestal.

Nenormalan Koliko moraš da da budeš projektuješ spomenik postamentom ovakav sa deset puta većim od glave sićušne i nenormalniji koliko si da pa da dopustiš da se postavi to! Spomenik Juriju Gagarinu u Beogradu

— Robert Coban (@robert_coban) 8 APR 2018

“I had a meeting today with representatives of the Fund “Karic Brothers” in connection with the installation of the monument to Gagarin in New Belgrade, which caused different comments of the public. We noted that in the course of its design has not fulfilled the requirements of the Fund “Karic Brothers” as a customer, and the approval process appearance have not been included neither the Belgrade nor the office for the protection of monuments of culture, nor the culture,” wrote the Vesic in Facebоok.

Svečano otkrivanje tek će da se desi! 🙂

— Robert Coban (@robert_coban) 8 APR 2018

“Therefore, the existing bust and pedestal will be removed, to was made and set a new monument, whose appearance will consent of all relevant structures. Gagarin was in Belgrade will be a memory worthy of his contribution to the development of humanity,” promised city Manager.

The Assembly (representative body) of Belgrade was taken at the end of April 2017 the decision about naming a Park in the centre of the capital of Serbia in honour of the Alexandrov ensemble and the installation of the monument to Yuri Gagarin. It was also agreed that a group of citizens called the Boulevard of the red army line from the street Milutin Milankovitch in New Belgrade to the streets of Yuri Gagarin.