“Disappearing” optical illusion puzzled users of the Network

“Disappearing” optical illusion puzzled users of the Network

Check out for yourself.

In social networks appear regularly interesting images which are the same color, see different people in different ways. But this time it went further. A Reddit user has posted blurry color picture and claimed that if her staring, then for one minute all the colors on it will disappear.

This picture will fade away if you stare at it (may take a minute) pic.twitter.com/LpB38ZRGPi

— Eugene_Myburgh (@Eugene_Myburgh) April 11, 2018

And it really works! However, not all. In the comments readers shared their impressions: some paint missing, and some have seen images of animals or cartoon characters like the Simpsons. But the majority still agreed with the author of the post, noting that the color of the picture disappears completely, if you long to look at her.

This “magic,” the Verge explained psychology Professor Derek Arnold. Scientifically this is called neural adaptation (when the brain ceases to pay attention to stationary objects in front of the eyes).

As in this case, when we begin to look at one spot and focusareas on her brain after a time ceases to notice all that is around.