“To develop such antennas is impossible”

“To develop such antennas is impossible”

These documents were secret for 60 years. The truth about missions to the moon.

Public perception of history is a clear sequence of significant events, which are fixed in the minds of people from school. In this sense, the history of space exploration — USSR Sputnik, Gagarin’s flight and a series of different automatic space stations that merge into one epic, the brightest heads of which were photos of the back side of the moon, the moon and landing on Venus. Proposed to go beyond this perception and to look at known events from the inside, through the eyes of Soviet engineers, who exactly 60 years ago created the first in the history of mankind line of communication with the spacecraft, flying to the moon. Provided By “The Ribbon.ru” holding company “Russian space systems” (RKS) archival document “draft project of system of radio control of the orbit of the object “E-1” published for the first time.

Several generations of employees of the company, which was formerly known as NII-885, left his mark on the first page, demanding not to destroy the original and store it for history. And now this document it.

“E-1” is the index assigned in the Special design Bureau No. 1 (OKB-1) stations that were the first to go to the moon. The lunar exploration program Sergei Korolev proposed in 1957, shortly after Sputnik. The events developed very rapidly: in less than a year after the “Sputnik-1” the USSR has already made a first attempt of the launch vehicle to the moon.

From the government decision on the creation of a lunar station and the three-stage rocket 8К72 on the basis of the R-7 before the first start attempt “E-1” it took only six months. Scientists and engineers worked in a constant state of time pressure.