The testimony of two key defendants in the “cocaine case” coincided

The testimony of two key defendants in the “cocaine case” coincided

MOSCOW, April 10. /TASS/. Testimony of a former caretaker of the Embassy of Russia in Argentina Abanova Ali in detention in Russia, and Andrei Kovalchuk, who was arrested in Germany, are the same — both defendants claim that was taken to Russia not coke, wine, coffee and jewelry.

This follows from the case materials, heard on Tuesday in the Tver court of Moscow, and statements of counsel Kovalchuk Vladimir Zherebenkov.

“Abanow claims that he called Kovalchuk, asking him to refer to Russia, a case of wine. This operation was repeated several times. Abanov did not know that the cargo is cocaine, he thought there expensive wine and semi-precious stones” — read the case materials, judge Olga Solopova.

From case papers follows that in the first interrogation of Abanov partially admitted guilt, but later retracted his words, as he was questioned without the participation of counsel. “I received from the Kovalchuk bags, transported them to Russia, but he was sure that there is wine, coffee, jewelry”, — he told in court. In turn, the lawyer Kovalchuk Foal earlier told TASS that his principal became a victim of provocation, as it was transported to Russia coffee, wine and jewelry, and in the opened bags was cocaine. “Kovalchuk was transported to Russia food, and he helped the Embassy staff,” said Zherebenkov.

The investigation asks the Tver court of Moscow to extend Abanova the term of arrest till June 12. Consideration of petitions regarding the extension of remand in relation to two other defendants — Vladimir Kalmykov and Istimara Khudzhamov will take place in court on 12 April.