Russia warned US about the “very negative consequences” of a possible strike on Syria

Russia warned US about the “very negative consequences” of a possible strike on Syria

Russia’s permanent representative to the UN, Vasily Nebenzia warned US about “possible negative consequences” of a strike against the positions of Syrian troops.


Moscow stands for an invitation to the alleged impact of experts of the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons, but Washington showed no willingness to wait for their decision. As reported by the newspaper The Wall Street Journal, the attack on Syrian facilities, which is expected in the next few hours, can participate in two guided missile destroyers of the United States, sent there specifically for this purpose.

“As repeatedly stated by our Ministry of defense, at the invitation of the Syrian government there (in Syria.— “B”) are lawfully present in the Russian military, said at the meeting, Vasily sebenza.— We have repeatedly warned the American side about possible negative consequences of the possible use of their weapons against the legitimate Syrian government and especially if the use of these weapons — God forbid, of course — will affect our military who are lawfully in Syria.”

He also added that the proposed U.S. response to the alleged chemical attack in the Syrian Duma a draft UN resolution “contains a number of unacceptable provisions,” and Washington is in danger of crossing a “dangerous thin line”.

What we hear now indicates that the considered military scenario, which is very dangerous, and we’re trying to emphasize.Vasily Abuseposted of Russia to the UN

Interviewed by the newspaper The Wall Street Journal, the us military said that the ability to inflict a military strike on targets in Syria has stationed in the Mediterranean missile destroyer USS Donald Cook. A second similar ship, the USS Porter, could arrive “within a few days.”

Recall that the United States accused the Syrian authorities in the organization April 7, chemical attack against the residents of the city Duma, which is controlled by opponents of President Bashar al-Assad. By message affiliated with the opposition group “White helmets”, the victims of the attacks were about 40 people. The Russian foreign Ministry called the statement “a stuffing” and the defense Ministry for its part said that “the White helmets are known for their fake news.” The doctors of the Syrian red cross and red Crescent confirmed hospital admissions Duma of patients with signs of poisoning with chemical weapons.

Last night Donald trump after accusations against President Vladimir Putin promised to take a decision about the reaction to what happened during the day. “We have a lot of options in military terms, we will notify you very soon, — said the President of the United States.— We will take decisions about what we are doing in relation to the horrendous attacks that were committed near Damascus”.

He also added that the US has “the greatest armed forces in the world.”

Vassily Nebenzia also suggested that the investigation of the incident in the Council was engaged in the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW). “We have now offered themselves, and the Syrians said they were ready to accept the mission of the OPCW as soon as possible, he said.— Director General of the OPCW said that they are willing to participate in the investigation of this incident, but we want them to be investigated as it is supposed to hold with departure to the place of the alleged incident and not in absentia, as they do in the last time.”

Michael Korotkov.