Experts have called the best posture for sleep

Experts have called the best posture for sleep

It is quite unusual, but brings a lot of benefits.

You can sleep a lot, but to get overwhelmed. The scientists said that the decisive role to invigorate travelers plays a position in which you do it. Turns out, it is best to sleep on your back. This position provides maximum support to the neck and head, they are not tilted and relaxed. Also not have any problems with circulation, breathing and even nightmares. However, back sleeping only 8% of people, most prefer to relax on the side.

Shelby Harris, a specialist medical sleep from the albert Einstein College still recommends to change habits. To train yourself to lie on your back, you can put on the sides of the seat and one between your knees, this will prevent overturning. You can even take drastic measure is to sew a tennis ball on the pajamas from the side where you usually rest, reports Science Alert..

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