Spas for Pets: the harmful excessive care?

Spas for Pets: the harmful excessive care?

Animal rights campaigners in Britain are concerned about the growing popularity of spas and beauty salons for Pets. They believe that excessive care may harm the Pets.

As noted in the Royal society for the protection of animals from cruel treatment, procedures such as “manicures and pedicures for paws” and “massage of face” can simply frighten Pets and can be quite painful for them.

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Despite the rapid growth of the sector of dog Spa services, and its functioning is actually not regulated.

In one of the spas for dogs in Britain bi-Bi-si assured that all the procedures for animal is completely harmless fun. The argument in favor of the safety of that care at the centre noted that all Pets during Spa treatments behave obediently and look quite happy.

Daniela Forshaw, head to the Spa for Pets in Burnham-on-Crouch, says a lot more problems excessive care, it was concerned that many Pets do not receive even minimally adequate care, causing them to become carriers of different kinds of infections, walking around with uncut nails and matted hair.

The lengthening of the hair and manicure for the feet

According to the professionals of the Pet Industry Federation (PIF), spas for dogs satisfy the needs of some owners “humanizing” their domashengo animal.

The British Club of cynologists say that many owners are increasingly looking at their Pets as a kind of alternative school kids and decide to devote their Pets more time to spend on them more money than was customary before.

Vicki Allender — owner of the two dogs of breed Chihuahua, which she saved from abuse. On “Spa treatments” for their Pets, she spends about £ 500 per month (about $ 700) and I do not see any problems.

Especially Vicky Allender loves to experiment with the coat color of their dogs.