A source told the replacement charges in the case of “training” in Pattaya

A source told the replacement charges in the case of “training” in Pattaya

PATTAYA (Thailand), 9 April — RIA Novosti. In the case of illegal sex-training in Pattaya charges of attempted rape were replaced by accusations of “sexual harassment in physical form,” he told RIA Novosti on Monday a source in the city police division of Pattaya.

“The charges may change in the process of inquiry, as, for example, at the beginning of the applicants insisted on the wording “attempted rape”, which was then changed to “sexual harassment.” There were allegations of prostitution, but I still can’t say anything about whether they are confirmed or not. The inquiry seeks to determine the existence of a crime and the evidence base for this composition. Not the fact that up to the moment of formulation of charges for the prosecution “survive” all new charges. Currently new charges while anybody from suspects is not brought,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

Earlier police said that Leslie Fish pass on new charges is not how the main suspects and accomplices, and that the main victims of the charges brought against three men, citizens of Russia, participated in the “training” as trainers and participants. One of them was arrested along with Leslie Fish during the “training” and time to fly out of Thailand before his attitude was a statement. The other two are in the temporary detention Centre for immigration police in Bangkok together with the other defendants in the case about illegal “training”.

The source stressed that the inquiry involved several investigators.

“The inquiry is carried out in strict accordance with the law and procedure, so that the innocent will not suffer. As for the more detailed and targeted information about the inquiry, it may be officially communicated to the media only when the inquiry is finished, and only by decision of the leadership of the city police Department,” — said the Agency interlocutor.