The leader of group “Bahyt-compote” has dedicated a poem to the cat Skrobala

The leader of group “Bahyt-compote” has dedicated a poem to the cat Skrobala

MOSCOW, April 8 — RIA Novosti. The leader of group “Bahyt-compote” Vadim Stepantsov wrote a poem in memory of the slain cat and Yulia Sergei Skripal. The corresponding video was published on the group channel on YouTube.

“Since yesterday evening we are experiencing about Pets family Skrobala, said Stepantsov. — Animals are not to blame, but the Brits have decided differently: the cat allegedly fell into a state of stress, it is necessary to euthanize Guinea pigs especially do not mind. We are people of another culture, another mentality.”

After a brief introduction, the musician began to read the poem. It’s called “Ode on the death of innocent victims kitty Nash van Drake”, the full text is given in the description below the video.

The poem has the following lines: “What is wrong with you, kitty, — // Tell the British land! // That took you a bunch // of a Refugee spy Skripal?”.

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Earlier media reported the death of domestic animals ex-GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia: two Guinea pigs died from dehydration, and one of two cats found in a serious condition and sedated.

After poisoning Skrobala the vets a few days could not go to their house, and when she could, saw that the Guinea pigs have died because no one watered.

The black Persian cat named Nash van Drake found in a stressful condition. He was taken to the chemical laboratory of Porton Down for testing, but the animal suffered so much that he decided to euthanize.