The crew of “Nord” blocked at the border of Ukraine and Russia

The crew of “Nord” blocked at the border of Ukraine and Russia

Ukrainian border guards blocked the car with the crew of the fishing vessel “Nord” at the checkpoint goptovka Dergachi district of Kharkiv region and stole their passports. This was reported by lawyer Vladimir Voytyuk.

“Border guards stolen documents citizens under the guise of check and blocked any movement. Also the guards under threat of detention is kept in fear of people who are in a car and forced to sit in a closed car”, — quotes its words “RIA Novosti”.

Defense counsel said that the guards prevent the movement of diplomatic vehicles from Russia, despite the fact that passengers have the required temporary license to travel abroad.

Vladimir Voytyuk also noted that lawyers are already eight o’clock can’t get access to the crew members because of the actions of Ukrainian border guards.

The police arrived at the scene on a call of obstruction of advocacy, stated that the guards don’t pass to the second line control checkpoint and they can’t help.

The crew of the Crimean fishing boat “Nord”, was detained in the sea of Azov Ukrainian border on March 25. Sailors accused of “violating the order of entry in the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine and departure from it”. Later the Kherson court has imposed on them administrative fines. In Russia believe the incident piracy and Maritime terrorism. A criminal case under article “Stealing a ship”.