In St. Petersburg died “grandpa “Mitkov”” Vladimir Yashke

In St. Petersburg died “grandpa “Mitkov”” Vladimir Yashke

Artist Vladimir Yashka died at the hospice of city hospital No. 14 of St. Petersburg. On Sunday, April 8, reported on the website of the painter.

He was 70 years old.

Vladimir Yashka was born on 2 Mar 1948 in Vladivostok in the family of a naval officer. In 1985 he joined the art group “Mitka”. Yashka called “grandfather “Mitkov”, as in Union, he was the oldest, recalls the “Paper”edition.

The artist’s works are in the collections of the Russian Museum, Erarta, Museum of nonconformist art, Museum of art of Saint Petersburg of the XX—XXI centuries. cov.

Art-group “Mitki” was created in 1980-ies. The core of her philosophy — kindness and compassion, as well as other principles outlined in the book “Mitka”, written by the ideologue of the movement, Vladimir Shinkarev. Exhibition “Mitki” are held periodically in Moscow and St. Petersburg galleries, and the work of individual artists stored in the largest Russian museums, including the Hermitage, the Russian Museum and the Tretyakov gallery.