US intelligence helped to choose the Russian oligarchs for sanctions

US intelligence helped to choose the Russian oligarchs for sanctions

Moscow. April 6. INTERFAX.RU an Important role in determining the objects to us sanctions of Russian oligarchs, which will be announced on Friday, played by the American intelligence services, NBC television reported, citing its sources.

“The process of determining who should be included in the sanctions list, took weeks, said one of the officials. The intelligence community played an important role in determining the object of sanctions”, — stated in the message channel.

Bloomberg reported that the sanctions can reach from six to 10 Russians. “It is expected that the sanctions will affect six to 10 so-called Russian oligarchs, but so far in their number of a firm decision has not been made yet”, — stated in the message.

The U.S. intends on Friday to announce sanctions against Russian oligarchs, reported the Wall Street Journal.

The publication indicates that in January of this year the Minister of Finance Steven Mnuchin “signaled” that the administration will apply new sanctions, “based on the prepared a secret list of Russian oligarchs, corrupt politicians and representatives close to President Vladimir Putin elite.”

On January 30, the U.S. Treasury has published “the Kremlin list”, which included businessmen of Russia with a fortune of $1 billion (for public sources), heads of all major state-owned companies and banks, as well as the government of Russia in full force. Just a list of 210 people, part of the classified list. It was reported that in respect of defendants in the list, which Washington considers close to the Russian leadership, in the future can be sanctioned.

In “the Kremlin list” were all 96 of the richest Russians of the Russian Forbes list of billionaires, published in March 2017.

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