Trump: US will only get stronger as a result of “tariff dispute” with China

Trump: US will only get stronger as a result of “tariff dispute” with China

TASS, 6 APR. “Wage dispute” with the United States, China will inevitably end in favor of the United States, and they only get stronger, although at some stage will suffer some losses. This was stated on Friday in an interview with radio station 77 WABC President of the United States Donald trump.

Trump said that about any “trade war” with China may not be out of the question, because the United States, he said, “it has long been lost.” Washington’s measures against Beijing, as he hinted, intended to regain lost ground in US trade with China. And this goal, he said, will be achieved, although it will require some “victims”.

“I’m not saying that everything will be painless so something we may lose. But when we [this] to end, we will strengthen our country. So we can suffer losses, but you know what, we eventually will become even stronger”, — said the President.

Trump has repeatedly stated that he does not like large trade deficit in trade with China, reaching, according to him, $500 billion on Tuesday, he reiterated, speaking to reporters in the White house that with great respect for the President of China XI Jinping, but the United States “there is a problem with China.” “They [Beijing] created a trade deficit, and it’s not something we could live, we will negotiate with China,” the President added.

He signed a March 22 Memorandum, which provides for the application of measures against unfair, according to the Washington trade policy of Beijing. The head of state instructed the U.S. representative for trade negotiations Robert Leitheiser within 15 days to consider the possibility of introducing customs duties in respect of certain categories of products from China, prepare a list of these goods and also initiate proceedings in the WTO against China for alleged violation of international trade rules. Trump also instructed the Minister of Finance Steven Mnuchin within 60 days to develop proposals to limit Chinese investment in American companies.

The Memorandum was prepared after Leithauser informed the President about results of the investigation of the alleged violation by China of intellectual property rights of American companies, which was launched in August last year. Beijing rejects the allegations. On April 2, China imposed duties of up to 25% on 128 items imported US goods, including fruit and pork. This measure Beijing responded to the introduction of the US of additional duties on imports of steel and aluminum.