The vet explained why we should not scratch the dog’s belly

The vet explained why we should not scratch the dog’s belly

MOSCOW, 6 APR — RIA Novosti. Turning over on his back in the presence of people, dogs have confidence in him, but this gesture does not mean the request to scratch his belly, the newspaper Daily Mail.

The publication refers to a book of Professor of the Royal veterinary school at the University of Edinburgh Jill McKay, in which he debunks popular myths about the behavior of Pets.

According to McKay, in a dog pack fall back and scoring all four legs up means full trust. The host usually moved by this gesture and trying to Pat or scratch his belly pet, thereby invading his personal space. However, over the millennia spent alongside humans, dogs have learned to understand what pleases a man, and not to interfere with this.

Another common mistake that home, is the wrong response to barking that the dog meet the stranger. Usually owners pick a fight or scare the dog, but in this situation it is better not to pay attention to him.

“The dog does not always understand what is happening. She may think that you’re excited and start to bark even more. In this situation it is better to ignore the animal and not to look at him. Dogs love us and our attention, so it’s a good way to explain to them that they behave correctly,” — said McKay.