Russian scientists have invented a freight Elevator for Mars

Russian scientists have invented a freight Elevator for Mars

Russian scientists believe that in future it will be possible to abandon the use of expensive rockets with chemical fuel, and run the goods from Mars by cables stretched from satellites. About it writes RIA Novosti.


According to scientists, to launch payloads into space from the surface of Mars there are two ways. In the first case, the spacecraft will independently rise from the planet’s surface and dock with the end of the cable, which moves at a speed of about two kilometers per second. In this case, to abandon the rocket engines is impossible, but this method is more economical than direct withdrawal of the spacecraft into orbit.

In the second case, the cable will automatically be captured from the surface of Mars due to the exact calculation of the coordinates of the space dock and launch. Scientists believe the cargo will be on rope a noose, hanging on the masts. It will need to be picked up using a special device located on one of the moons of Mars — Phobos or Deimos. There will be a power plant, and the cable will serve to transfer power to the load.

Scientists believe that by the middle of XXI century will be technology that will allow you to build a space Elevator Earth-Moon. In the same way you can tie ropes of Mars and its satellites.

In 2004, Samara, scientists have announced plans to build a lander that will be attached to the orbital module with a special cable, with a length of 30 kilometers. The project was developed on the instructions of the European space Agency.