“People want the truth!” The foreigners — about the Russian character, roads and frost

“People want the truth!” The foreigners — about the Russian character, roads and frost

MOSCOW, 6 APR — RIA Novosti, Igor Karmazin. Bears, vodka, balalaika, a cap with ear-flaps and KGB agents in every closet, that Western stereotypes about Russia during the cold war today, few people take seriously.

Now the Russians are free to travel around the world. In turn, our country the chance to discover thousands of foreigners. What do they think about the Russian character, lifestyle and behavior in the material RIA Novosti.

Tino, Kunzell, Germany

I moved to Russia in 2004, working as a journalist, editing the Moscow German newspaper.

Russia I have always been interested. It seemed such a mysterious country, which no one understands.

Foreigners are often afraid to move here. And the place many are surprised that life here is much better than they thought. For example, I arrived in Russia in August 2004. And in the country during the month there have been two attacks — first, the air blew up two planes and then was captured school in Beslan. My friends in Germany at the time thought that it was dangerous on every corner, but I didn’t feel any threat, fear, the streets were quiet.

The people in Germany to Russia are better than the German media. Newspapers, television draw some demonic way, constantly, there’s “Putin-Putin-Putin”, people want to hear a more balanced, diverse opinions.

Standard situation in the German media: comments to the publications about Russia is quite opposite mood, which broadcast journalists.

The first time, some things have stumped me. For example, the Russians clearly distinguish between private and public space. Overall — definitely not mine, it was somebody else needs to answer. It was clear from any entrance. Go to someone you — up dark, smoky, dirty stairs. Think: “What is there in the apartment?” And inside, clean, comfortable… In Germany treat this differently, there are people looking not only for an apartment, but at his porch, courtyard. This is also affect the quality of your life.

In my country it is also customary to greet with the neighbors. I have this habit even a bit annoying: you all say “Good day”, even those who mean nothing to you. On the other hand, it has something in common. Here I first saw people walk past each other, not even raising his head like you do not exist.

However, the situation is changing. In recent years, the Russians and the entrances are more attentive and friendlier steel. I attributed this to the fact that the standard of living rose.

Earlier people thought only about how to feed a family, and now I can look around.

I have no car, I take public transportation or use a taxi. The drivers learn that I’m German, defiantly start to abuse the Russian roads, show me the pit. Here I came across different ways. There is a lovely route, for example, a paid highway from Voronezh to Moscow. There are terrible roads — for example, in the Saratov region. For this reason no single opinion I have not developed.

The standard representation of foreigners about Russians: very little smile. Here I am not original, smiles the first time I missed it. Smile because not only expresses the positive mood, it still emphasizes that you take your partner says about your attitude. Once, when I was in Belarus, I came across some strange woman and smiled. It was such a rarity that I still remember. Although there are changes: the faces, the Russians have not such a stone, smile more, people are more relaxed.

Generally, in recent years, Russia became more clear and rational. Growing prosperity, people often travel abroad. The country where I come from, and the one where I live now, differ dramatically. People now are more polite, friendlier, kinder. Changes occur not only in Russia. In Germany, similar processes. The Germans go to the South of the country, and the homeland orders become less formal.

In 2006 we hosted the world Cup and we are very proud that our strict, disciplined, the country was able to create an atmosphere of global celebration.Amedeo Of Cigars, Italy

Russian language I started learning in the mid-1990s, when actively developing relations between our countries. Then I thought that with Russian, I’ll have plenty of opportunities in life. Came here on business, were here friends, so the idea of the country already had. In 2005 he moved to Russia permanently.

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Of course, there are differences in the nature. The Italians are more emotional. In this sense we are close to Caucasians — Armenians, Georgians. Russian is not so open, especially for those living in the North. The first time I worked for the company in the Komi Republic, where I was received with caution. Without knowledge of the Russian language, I probably would not even establish contacts with people. But in the end I had some very good friends, still communicate with them.

My Italian friends often ask about life in Russia. The Western media is little real information, but a lot of some placeholder message, so the country is of interest. There is a set of stereotypes: for some reason everyone thinks that there are large queues in shops, all very grey, no sun, cold. I tell you how actually people live here, but it is much better if the man himself will come and will see with your own eyes. Italian tourists amazed what a modern, developed, huge city. It turns out that cultural exchange is the best cure for stereotypes.