Netizens found the best boss in the world

Netizens found the best boss in the world

A woman wrote to the boss late for work. His answer was magnificent.

How often have you heard something good when he reported to his superiors that late for work? American woman by the name Jen in this sense, very lucky. Her boss was so nice that now Internet users want it to work.

Unusual history shared in social networks the head. He said that one of the workers named Jen sent him a message saying that a bit late for work due to the fact that her dog is very cute asleep and she spent too much time trying to take a picture of it. To message a woman put a picture of your sleeping pet.

It would seem that as a reason to react the average boss? Our hero was different, and this was his response:

Look at this cutie! Take your time. I’ll ask Miller to insure you. Besides next month will Bark at the Park (event for dogs and their owners. — Approx. ed.). How about I give you a couple of tickets and you can take your kid to a baseball game?

Boss Woman Texts That She’s Going To Be Late For Work, And He Has the Best Response Ever #boss

— Bored Panda (@boredpanda) April 6, 2018

In the comments to the story, the man explained that Jen — a great employee, which for 8 years have never been late and wasn’t on vacation. All of us just adore her and called “Mom”, and the woman after her children went off to College, living alone with a dog.

Netizens were delighted with such a touching story. They praised the chief for his kind heart and some wrote that they would like it to work.