MOE: every fifth shopping centre does not meet the standards

MOE: every fifth shopping centre does not meet the standards

EMERCOM of Russia reported on the results of audit of shopping centres after a fire in the Kemerovo shopping center “Winter cherry”, which killed 64 people.

The report is published on the Ministry’s website. The audit reported that on 2 thousand facilities staff are not trained in fire safety measures, while 1.5 million buildings do not meet the standards.

“Emergencies Ministry experts together with employees of the Prosecutor’s office conducted a complex inspection of fire safety more than 8.5 thousand objects with mass stay of people and trade, — stated in the message Department.— This is 50% of the total number of planned inspections, which total more than 14.5 thousand”.

The Ministry also reported that in case of fire, many visitors are unable to leave the premises in case of fire.

“By results of check it was found out that more than 2 thousand staff not trained in fire safety measures, — said in the MOE.— 1.5 thousand items of materials used for finishing of rooms and evacuation routes, do not meet the requirements”.

According to representatives of the Ministry, the most common violations are the failure alarm, emergency alert system and smoke removal, junk emergency exits, non-working sound and light alerts, the lack of access roads for fire equipment and expired fire extinguishers.