97-year-old grandmother from Florida raises the bar in the 60 kg. this is not the limit

97-year-old grandmother from Florida raises the bar in the 60 kg. this is not the limit

In its 100-year anniversary of the American wants to lift 90 kg.

The pensioner from Florida Edith of Thrain found an unusual hobby. She doesn’t knit, do not put the flowers and bakes the cakes — an energetic Granny does powerlifting. And, incidentally, very successful in this.

It all started six years ago, when a girlfriend dragged you move the gym to a bit of “improve your health”.

First, the pensioner resisted, but then became involved and now regularly engaged in the gym three days a week.

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But simple exercises of Thrain don’t stop here and decided to hit new records. In February she took part in competitions Polk County Senior Games, where he won two gold medals in the age group 95-99 years. Energetic grandma sting of the breast is 27 pounds and performed a deadlift with a barbell weight of 58.9 kg.

In fairness it should be noted that Edith was the only participant in his age category, but she wants his example to inspire other pensioners to do weightlifting and, consequently, to increase competition.

Edith Traina was the oldest person to participate in a power-lifting contest this weekend in Florida….at the age of 96 years young! She says she lifts at least 3 times a week. ?? https://t.co/lxvNNEM9bc pic.twitter.com/eDhWluoRWF

— Spectrum News CLT (@SpecNewsCLT) April 1, 2018

And in the ambitious plans of the Americans to lift 90-pound barbell on its 100-year anniversary.

How’s this for some Saturday motivation? Edith Traina is 97 yrs old, hits the gym 3x a week, AND does powerlifting competitions. Her story tonight on @BN9 pic.twitter.com/3P95bfkZ4T

— Katie Jones (@KJones821) March 31, 2018