Together, ladies and gentlemen: as lovers not to quarrel because of household problems

Together, ladies and gentlemen: as lovers not to quarrel because of household problems

Often young couples who just started to live together Harbor some illusions about how it will look.

The website “RIA real Estate” decided to consider what the difficulties are waiting for lovers at the beginning of life together, and how to deal with them psychological methods and means of design.

Do not go here, go there

At the beginning of the living together of people can paralyze seems to be the most insignificant, and even sometimes funny things.

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So, a whole set of problems associated with violation of personal space. For example, such interesting situation: when one of a pair used to sit with the phone in the toilet and the other has to jump under the door and demand to let him in. Often it happens that someone a long time to clean, and his “second half” at this time, can’t get into the bathroom to at least brush my teeth. Especially sharply this problem arises in the case if in the apartment the combined bathroom.

Happen sad open in the bedroom, when suddenly it turns out that your partner takes up too much space on the bed, asleep across, kicking and snoring.

Realize and accept the fact that another person has its limits, has its own personal territory. This including physical space.Kseniya Laminates-coach, psychologist and business coach

She urged lovers to constantly talk to each other. However, she emphasizes that it should be dialogue, not manipulation or accusations. “In those situations where it is possible to allocate a private space for each partner, discuss where whose territory, how this space will be used. Agree on respecting each other’s space. Jointly look for solutions,” — she advises.

However, she notes that to develop new habits takes time, at least three weeks. So please be patient.

To help lovers can come to some design techniques. To begin with, the specialists of Studio “design Point” is recommended for lovers who just finds a place to rent, to give preference to apartments with separate bathrooms. Well, if one partner entered the apartment of another, where there is already a WC, then perhaps they should give up a large tub in favor of a shower to accommodate a washing machine and a cupboard for storage of towels, robes and other bath and beauty details.

Chistyuli against SlutsAnother important set of issues is a different attitude to cleanliness and hygiene. So, someone used to kick house several times a day, and someone thinks that “dust is, and I will lie down”.

In addition, the reason for the big scandal can serve as the fact that one of the pair was caught wiping spilled milk on the floor with a towel for hands and face or sponge for dishes. This may also include complaints scattered around the house socks and in my comb or on the furniture.

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“If person “a painter”, then it doesn’t matter what this cloth, it is just a rag. And if people kind of “warrior”, it will be to separate them: a washcloth, floor cloth, dishcloth,” says psychologist, Gestalt therapist Maria Tarasova of the psychological center “brink of Consciousness”.

Again she urged the indignant side to consider that the partner grew up in another family and it can be completely the opposite order. It all depends on how the person sees the situation and how to relate to her. “It is important to translate what you feel and not be silent or to swear, but to try to explain, to be heard,” she said.