The lawyer explained why a resident of Taganrog was poisoned with thallium colleagues

The lawyer explained why a resident of Taganrog was poisoned with thallium colleagues

ROSTOV-ON-DON, 5 APR — RIA Novosti, Ivan Kapustin. The suspect in a mass poisoning of employees at the Taganrog aircraft factory double-spiked the cooler due to conflicts with his boss and one of my colleagues, told RIA Novosti representing one of the victims, the lawyer Alexander Popkov.

Of the hospitals from the staff of the Taganrog aviation scientific-technical complex named after Beriev with different complaints started to arrive from November 2017. Poisoning it with thallium workers were identified in January 2018. At the same time the chief physician of the city hospital ambulance Dmitry Safonov, delays in obtaining specialized medical care none of the patients did not happen. According to the head of the Taganrog Andrey Lisitsky, the fact of poisoning recorded at 27 members.

Operatives 4 APR detained 37-the summer inhabitant of Taganrog, the employee works Vladislav Shulga on suspicion of intentional infliction of medium-gravity harm to health.

As reported in the Taganrog city court, according to the court investigation, Shulga guilt in the Commission of the alleged crime fully recognized. He was placed under house arrest until June 3.

“In the court of the Shul did not give any explanations on the merits of the case. The bodies of inquiry a theory that the motive was a conflict with two people: with his head as a result of purely service relationship, and the lawyer of the enterprise due to an accident at the end of 2017,” — said Popkov and added that the bodies of inquiry made this conclusion based on the testimony of the suspect.

According to the lawyer, Shulga twice put thallium in drinking water. The first object of vengeance was the head of the suspect, but drank the water client Popkov, leading engineer-designer of the company Konstantin Kolesnikov, the rate of thallium in his system was exceeded 150 times. Kolesnikov himself, according to Popkov, was not the object of the crime Shulgi. As explained earlier, Kolesnikov Agency, the suspect also holds the position of lead engineer designer.