The Kremlin has promised to protect the crew of “Nord”

The Kremlin has promised to protect the crew of “Nord”

In the Kremlin intend to defend the interests of the members of the crew detained in the Ukrainian territorial waters of the ship “Nord” in the framework of international law. This was reported by press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov.

“Moscow was and remains a party committed to the spirit and letter of international law. In all our actions we proceed only from this, — said Mr. Sands.— Of course, the Russian side will continue to protect the interests of the subjects, which are relevant for the Russian jurisdiction.” For more detailed reviews by the press Secretary to the President advised journalists to contact the Ministry of foreign Affairs, which “actively doing this”.

Recall that the fishing boat “Nord” was detained by Ukrainian border guards in late March on charges of trespassing for entering the ports of the Crimea. April 4 captain Vladimir Gorbenko was hospitalized with a hypertensive crisis, but soon the doctors brought him back to jail, deciding to treat on an outpatient basis. The Russian foreign Ministry has already sent Ukraine a decisive protest in connection with this incident.