Thallium has become a tool of revenge

Thallium has become a tool of revenge

Employee of the Taganrog airlines confessed to the poisoning of colleagues.

Kommersant became known the motives of thallium poisoning employees TANTK named after Beriev. The suspect, Vladislav Shulga has given grateful evidences to the investigation. The reason was the conflict engineer Shulgi with the chief and one of the lawyers. The court concluded the suspect under house arrest, he was charged within ten days. The poisoner could face up to three years in prison.

Today Taganrog city court decided to conclude under house arrest of Vladislav Shulga, a suspect in a high-profile case of poisoning with thallium employees TANTK named after Beriev. As told “Kommersant” the lawyer of Vladislav Shulga Alexander Popkov, the defendant already confessed to the investigation, explaining the motives of the crime.

As it turned out, in the autumn of last year, design engineer Shulgi and his boss zubkovskaya was a conflict.

Vladislav Shulga got thallium and put it in a cooler with water, but the poison is the chief drank designer Konstantin Kolesnikov. His health deteriorated, and he was in the hospital. Not succeeding, designer Shul decided to take revenge on the lawyer already Sagely Mahmudov.

In October, in an accident he damaged the car of Mr Makhmudov. The engineer disappeared from the scene and was subsequently deprived of rights. Vladislav Shulga put thallium in drinking water, this time in the legal Department of the company. Because of this food poisoning lawyers TANTK named after Beriev and economists who worked in a nearby office and also drank water from the cooler.

“My client was arrested April 3, then he began to cooperate with the investigation, wrote a confession and gave grateful evidences, — has told the lawyer of the detainee Alexander Popkov.— The court ruled to arrest him for two months for a period up to 3 June. He faced charges within ten days. To explain where he got thallium and how exactly was the conflict, I can’t.”