In Russian universities may receive a degree in “archaeology”

In Russian universities may receive a degree in “archaeology”

The Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation considering the proposal for the introduction of archaeology as a separate specialty in the universities, said in an interview with “Kommersant” the Director of the Institute of archaeology RAS Nikolai Makarov.

“In the Russian system of higher professional education there is no separate direction of “archaeology” at the level of undergraduate and graduate programs, he said.— There is no such profession and in the registry of professions professional education of the Ministry of labour. So, there is no special budget quota for training of specialists in this profile”.

According to him, six years ago the Ministry had sent a proposal to introduce such specialties: “last year the Ministry of education agreed with our proposals. I hope it will be budgeted. But the educational standard in the specialty “archeology” not yet approved. While archaeologists prepare our leading universities that are able to form their educational program, but a set of very small”.