Facebook will ban third-party applications access to user data

Facebook will ban third-party applications access to user data

Social network Facebook will limit access to third-party apps to user information. This was reported in the news release.

“From today, applications that use the Facebook programming interface (API) will no longer access the guest list or post on the wall of the event. In the future, the only apps that we affirm and which agree with the rigorous requirements are to access the event” — said in a press release.

In addition, the social network will close for applications information about religious and political affiliations, personal relationships, education and field work.

Another innovation was the list of all user applications that use account Facebook. In addition to enumeration, it will indicate what kind of information they collect.

26 Mar social network users have accused the company of spying: metadata on phone calls and SMS preserved in the archives of the users profiles.

March 19, American journalists reported on the unprecedented data breach of 50 million users Facebook through an affiliated company, Cambridge Analytica. Among the information was a list of friends, preferences of registered persons and their telephone contacts.